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Rules Are Good

No artificial contraception–period.  No skipping Mass on Sundays or on Holy Days of Obligation, not even when you’re on vacation.  And when you go to Mass, you have to kneel a lot and use words like “consubstantial.”  To be sure … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes (Christmas Edition!)

— 1 — Advent is nearly over and it has been a wonderful time of reflection for our family. However, (there’s always a however, isn’t there?) since this was our first Catholic Advent and we were kind of low-key, there are … Continue reading

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Lame Lies about Women and the Catholic Response to Said Lameness that I Find Compelling

I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I won’t: As a Protestant woman who stays home with my children, I felt thrown under the bus by the church. I came to realize that among the multiplicity of “theologies” about women, … Continue reading

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Why We’re Catholic

The moderator over at Why I’m Catholic posted expanded versions of Nikki’s and my “stories” this morning.  Check ’em out!

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What’s Up With All Those Annulments?

In my last post, I addressed the argument that the sacrament of Penance is a waste of time because it’s open to abuse by people who just lie to their confessors.  In this post, I wanted to take up a … Continue reading

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But Can’t I Just Lie to the Confessor?

It may come as a surprise to cradle Catholics, but one of the Protestant objections I heard fairly often to the sacrament of Penance was, “Well, you’ve got to admit there’s no way to ensure people aren’t just going into … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes (Advent has begun!)

— 1 — It’s so exciting to start the Advent season. We’ve been lighting our wreath (almost) every night and I think we’ve finally managed to successfully convey to the kids that they are not allowed to light the candles. We … Continue reading

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