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Music in the Catholic Church is a Whole ‘nother Animal

Here is a great letter to Mark Shea from a recent convert regarding music and how it related to his family’s conversion to the Catholic Church. I never really bought into the music scene as a protestant (as in, I … Continue reading

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Saints and Selfies

Crawling from under my blogging rock to mull some thoughts over, after some serious social media burnout. Maybe it’s due to old age? I don’t know… Anyway, what if social media had been available during the time of any of … Continue reading

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How Can We Rejoice Today?

Coming after the tragedy in Connecticut on Friday, I must confess that it seemed a cruel irony to me that today is Gaudete (“Rejoice”) Sunday–the third Sunday in Advent.  In the face of such inexplicable horror, I certainly didn’t feel … Continue reading

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Dragons and Paper Clips

For the handful of people that read our blog: yes, we’re still breathing. Between the new baby (who is slightly needy), a sort-of potty training 3 year old, homeschooling one of our 3 school aged kids (why do I only … Continue reading

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If You Want a Personal Relationship With Jesus, Become a Catholic

As a Protestant Evangelical, if there was one criticism of Catholicism that I heard more than any other, it was that Catholics didn’t have a “personal relationship” with Jesus the way we Evangelicals did.  Indeed, this idea of “personal relationship” … Continue reading

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Today marks a very special day for our family: In addition to celebrating the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it’s also the one-year anniversary of our reception into the Church! What an amazing year it has … Continue reading

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Catholics United Against Tyranny

Wonderful, awesome, fantastic news from the Catholic Health Association (“CHA”)!  In an about-face, the CHA on Friday announced that it does not support the Obama administration’s attempt (commonly referred to as the “HHS mandate”) to force all Catholic institutions, including … Continue reading

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