We’re a married couple in our mid-30s who live in the D.C. suburbs with our five kids.  Jason is a lawyer, and Nikki is home with the kids and has also been working on a Master’s degree in theology.  We blog as a way of trying to explain to our family and friends why we decided to “cross the Tiber” to be received into the Roman Catholic Church.  We also hope to encourage others who are either on this journey, or already at home in the Ark, to keep seeking after the fullness of His Truth as we all try to help each other reach Heaven.


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  1. Lois Rainwater says:

    Dear Nikki and Jason,
    Thanks for this great log of your thoughts and discoveries. It has helped me see where you are at and how you got there…..even though I thought I knew you both so well! Your writing is un offensive and Nikki, really, I saw this coming from the time you loved to watch Christmas Mass!
    Love you both always,
    Mom R

  2. Brent says:

    Welcome Home! My wife and I, and our 4 kids, are converts as well. Email me, as I would love to chat. We have some very dear friends in DC, and if you are close, I would love to introduce them to you.

    Peace in Christ!

  3. “As a lifelong evangelical Protestant, I am right now at a place I never thought I would be”. Yup! This surprising revelation is not uncommon to us converts. I can’t explain it other than to say one should never be surprised at the work of the Holy Spirit. Welcome home Nikki and Jason.

  4. Erin McCrum says:

    Interesting thoughts from both of you. Your both good writers. I can see that Tara and I have asked some of the same questions that you guys have. I’ve asked questions about “church” and “authority” quite a bit since the end of law school. Seems like we’ve been asking the same questions and come to different conclusions. Tara and I have come to appreciate “simple church” – non-institutional gatherings of Jesus-followers or as Nikki mentions – meetings in homes, or bars or workplaces. It seems the two of you are traveling the road of following Jesus in a manner that is more centralized than what you grew up with; while Tara and I are attempting to follow Jesus in a manner that is more decentralized than what we grew up with. There are pros and cons of both.

    Wish you both well on the Journey of Following Jesus,


    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the comment, Erin, and thanks for visiting the site! It’s interesting what you say about “centralized” and “decntralized.” I actually think that, in some ways, the Catholic Church is more decentralized, practically speaking, than the typical Protestant congregation. The Pope is an awful long way away and, at least in my experience so far, administers the Church in a much more loose manner than most locally-run Protestant congregations are managed. As to the administration of the local parish, the average Catholic parish makes due with far less staff than Protestant congregations of comparable size. I understand this isn’t going to the question of the truth of either system. They’re just some thoughts on the issue you raise. May God be with you in your and Tara’s journeys as well.

  5. Julie McMillan says:

    I am so excited for you and your family! Once I read Rome Sweet Home, I began my journey to the Catholic Church and went through RCIA in 2002. I will be praying for you as Christ leads you home and will rejoice with you as you enter the Chruch at Easter! Many blessings and much love. ~Julie

  6. Patrick says:

    Just found you through Devin Rose’s blog–I look forward to checking in!

  7. Patrick says:

    That makes more sense (and I thought as much after reading “about him”). Thanks.

  8. owenOwen says:

    Welcome Home from a father of four, a former Pentecostal Protestant minister and convert along with our whole family in January of 2006. God bless you and keep you. Surely his face is shining upon you. Thanks for sharing your story. I will continue to follow via RSS

    • Jason says:

      Thank you for the comment! We recognize what a tremendous sacrifice it is for a Protestant minister to come home to the Church and appreciate you sharing your testimony with us. God bless you and your family.


  9. Kathy Frein says:

    I like Nikki’s referenced to the hymn…”I love your church, O Lord!” I’m head over heels in love with it too. Congratulations and welcome home.

  10. The Crescat says:

    Congrats on your Tiber swimming.

  11. John J. Luce says:

    Hi Jason & Nikki,
    In your busy lives, do you have time to answer one question about one aspect of Catholicism that I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer despite submitting it to several Catholic apologists?
    The two of you and I have a couple things in common. I practiced law in Ohio for 20 years before moving to Georgia for a change, and then to northern Virginia (Manassas). Besides law, I also have a Baptist background (I might still be a member of a Baptist church in GA, though I am not attending any Baptist church now in VA). I enjoy watching the Journey Home, but the question I want answered is never asked by call-ins or emails.
    So, are you up for the challenge? If so, email me at johnjluce@gmail.com and I can email you my question.

  12. Bernie Seward says:

    Jason and Nikki
    Welcome home! I’m very impressed with your blog. We heard about it this weekend from our mutual friends, David and Melissa Stoner. David and I and some other guys from the Law Christian Fellowship at UVA lived together during law school. My wife Heide and I are converts to the Catholic Church (Easter Vigil 2007) from the Episcopal Church (most recently Truro in Fairfax) (her story is here — http://sewardfolly.blogspot.com/search/label/Conversion%20story). We are members of Holy Spirit in Annandale where she sings in the chant choir and we teach adult catechesis. She is also in the leadership team that is working on setting up an Anglican Ordinariate Catholic parish in Northern Virginia. I recognize you’ve been in the Diocese of Arlington a while now, but if you have any questions about Catholic life in Northern Virginia we’d be happy to help you out in any way we can. Bernie Seward

    PS- If you see Fr. Horkan, please give him our best. He was one of our RCIA instructors and much loved and respected at Holy Spirit.

    • Jason says:


      Thanks for writing us! I’ll have to thank David and Melissa for sending you our way. They’re great folks.

      We will definitely say hi to Fr. Horkan for you. He led Nikki and me (and our two oldest kids) through the RCIA process as well. We LOVE him.

      I read your wife’s story and was fascinated. I love how conversion stories share certain similarities but are also each unique. A lot of what she wrote resounded with our experience as well.

      Do you and your wife know Fr. Scott Hurd with the Ordinariate? Some friends at St. James introduced us to Fr. Hurd and his wife a couple months ago. It’s so encouraging to hear that your wife is working on setting us this new parish.

      We greatly appreicate your offer to help navigating Catholic life here. As you know, it’s a seismic shift. We’ve been blessed that the transition has been as smooth as it has been (although not without its challenges). I hope we can meet in person sometime. Do you guys ever attend Institute of Catholic Culture events?

      Blessings to you!!

  13. Bernie Seward says:

    Jason- Heide works closely with Fr. Hurd as part of setting up an Ordinariate Parish in Northern Virginia. Her group is now a mission of St. Luke’s Catholic Church — an Ordinariate Parish in Bladensburg, MD. They are planning on offering a weekly Sunday 5:30 PM Anglican Use Mass at Our Lady of Hope in Potomac Falls this fall with Fr. Randy Sly, a recently ordained Ordinariate priest. We are great fans of IFC and often attend their events. Let us know if you’re going and hopefully we can meet. Bernie

  14. benedictuschristus says:

    Jason and Nikki,

    I have recently started my own Road to Rome. I am a law student in the Twin Cities (yay, law), and have had a somewhat interesting Christian journey (most recently having been a Pentecostal). In a time of need for spiritual renewal, God prompted me toward the Church, but, being a lifelong Protestant, I needed assurance. So, I started researching. A few of your posts helped me confirm the validity of both the Church and my call to it. I truly feel as though God has called me into His fullness by calling me to the Church and am excited for the journey!

    Because of how your blog has helped me, I started my own blog in hopes to help my many Evangelical friends either understand my decision and journey or break free from the fear surrounding their own draw toward the Catholic Church. The address is http://confiteortibi.wordpress.com. I hope you’ll pray for me through this journey and continue to provide great articles on the Faith.

    God Bless,


    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Adam! I checked out your blog as well and could very much relate. Blessings to you as you continue on your journey.

  15. welcome home, folks, and God Bless!
    john spizziri

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