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The Reformation Crashed Our Party

As our daughter prepared to celebrate her First Communion, I was somewhat conflicted about how we would celebrate. What came to mind first was all the stories I heard as a grade-schooler from my Catholic friends about their big Communion … Continue reading

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In Praise of CCD

This last Tuesday, our kids finished their first year of religious education classes at our parish church.  These are the classes that are popularly called “CCD” classes–although, at least in our parish, they’re now called PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) … Continue reading

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The Final Installment: Lame Lies about Women and the Catholic Response to Said Lameness I Find Compelling

Greetings from your occasional-blogging friend. Life has been crazy busy here and I haven’t written as much as I would like to but seeing that this is the month in which we honor mothers, as well as Mary, the Mother of the Church, I really wanted to … Continue reading

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Why Take Your Chances?

It is rare these days, at least in my experience, to meet a non-Catholic Christian who believes that doctrinal differences actually make a hill-of-beans worth of difference in whether a person ultimately makes it to Heaven.  Rather, in modern American … Continue reading

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