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Lame Lies about Women and the Catholic Response I Find Compelling part 2

In my last post I covered the lie that motherhood is nice but perhaps a little lesser on the playing field of what a woman can “do”. This time around I want to step back and talk about a lie … Continue reading

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What’s Up With All Those Annulments?

In my last post, I addressed the argument that the sacrament of Penance is a waste of time because it’s open to abuse by people who just lie to their confessors.  In this post, I wanted to take up a … Continue reading

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His Holy Bride

I had the most amazing exchange last night with our son, Charlie, that I just had to share.  Charlie is 12, and he’s a great guy.  Years ago, as Nikki has mentioned, he fell in love with the Saints, and … Continue reading

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Called to Love, 1.5: Babies and Tithing

I have already covered the vocations of marriage and celibacy, and so I thought this would be an appropriate time to talk about the usual consequence of marriage, children. I could probably rest on this subject until I die and still … Continue reading

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Called to Love, Part 2: Hooray for Celibacy!

I had started writing this big post about priests and their role in God’s call to love when that yahoo over in Tennessee came out with his prayer about his “smokin’ hot wife” and I was really torn: Roll out … Continue reading

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Called to Love

Long before the last nail was driven into the coffin of my Baptist identity, I had come to the conclusion that my faith tradition did not offer anything greatly significant to say regarding the realm of marriage and all the … Continue reading

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