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Lame Lies about Women and the Catholic Response to Said Lameness that I Find Compelling

I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I won’t: As a Protestant woman who stays home with my children, I felt thrown under the bus by the church. I came to realize that among the multiplicity of “theologies” about women, … Continue reading

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If the Catholic Church Isn’t From Heaven, It’s From Hell

Over the last several years, as I investigated the various objections to Catholicism, I began to notice something strange about them.  At the same time the Church was accused of being too “conservative,” she was also accused of being too … Continue reading

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I’m Proud To Be an American, But I’m Prouder To Be a Catholic

I think it’s fair to say that one of the defining characteristics of “conservative” evangelical Protestants in the United States is a strong sense of patriotism.[1]  And, as an evangelical myself for so long, I certainly shared this trait.  Over … Continue reading

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If You Want a “Christian Worldview,” Read Chesterton and Become a Catholic

As a Protestant evangelical, I heard a lot about the importance of developing a “Christian worldview.”  Exactly what this meant, however, was always a bit of a mystery to me.  In its most general sense, of course, it meant that … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes Friday (cubed)

1. You must, must, must catch Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism series on PBS. We DVR’d the first couple of episodes last night to watch with the kids but we caught a couple of minutes and were transfixed. Amazing. Check your local … Continue reading

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How A 300-Pound English Journalist Saved My Faith

In almost all of my posts up to now, I’ve addressed some particular question that always bothered me as a Protestant and why I’ve found the Catholic answer to my question so compelling and satisfying.  In this post, I’m going … Continue reading

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Jason’s Questions: #5 How Do We Respond to Islam and the Effort to Re-Define Marriage?

**Before anything, I’d ask everyone to be praying for Nikki.  She’s battling a nasty flu bug, which is the reason you’re all being subjected to yet another post from me instead of her.  She’ll be back soon.** I know the … Continue reading

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