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What’s the Big Deal?

If, a few years ago, I’d been reading posts like Nikki’s and mine, I think by this point I might have been asking myself:  “Why are these people making such a fuss about all of this?  They must be sickos … Continue reading

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From the Inimitable Mark Shea

For readers who’ve never checked out Mark Shea, he’s got a great piece in the National Catholic Register right now that goes to the heart of two of the biggest obstacles folks on the road to Rome encounter:  (1) feeling … Continue reading

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His Holy Bride

I had the most amazing exchange last night with our son, Charlie, that I just had to share.  Charlie is 12, and he’s a great guy.  Years ago, as Nikki has mentioned, he fell in love with the Saints, and … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes (Veterans Day Edition)

— 1 — I will continue to harp on the wonderfulness of Fr. Barron’s Catholicism series, which is in its 3rd production of DVD’s due to high demand. Even my non-Catholic dad has given up his routine Thursday night NBC … Continue reading

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Why I Love Papal Infallibility

As Nikki and I have mentioned a number of times in our posts, we come from the “free-church” strain of Protestant evangelicalism.  For those not familiar with this term, think “Baptist,” “community church,” “Church of Christ,” “non-denominational Christian,” etc.–groups where … Continue reading

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Sensing the Sacred

The church I grew up in is possibly the best space ever designed for a good game of hide and seek. There are multiple levels and all kinds of secret nooks in which one could hide away undetected for a … Continue reading

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I’ll Never Be Afraid of a Christian Bookstore Again

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found the Bible bookstore at the local mall to be an unnerving kind of place.  If you walk in and pick up a book at random, who knows what you’ll get.  Maybe … Continue reading

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