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GYPSY Religion

A couple of months back, the article Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy got a lot of attention, as I believe it rang true for bunches of folks.  The thesis of the article is that the expectations of young adults entering … Continue reading

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The Reformation Crashed Our Party

As our daughter prepared to celebrate her First Communion, I was somewhat conflicted about how we would celebrate. What came to mind first was all the stories I heard as a grade-schooler from my Catholic friends about their big Communion … Continue reading

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In Praise of CCD

This last Tuesday, our kids finished their first year of religious education classes at our parish church.  These are the classes that are popularly called “CCD” classes–although, at least in our parish, they’re now called PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) … Continue reading

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Heaven Here

I’ve written before about how our 12-year-old son Charles has blown me away with his intuitive grasp of some of the basic truths of Catholicism and with his natural openness to the Communion of Saints.  Today, I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Your Own Personal Jesus

There were more than a few things that I found somewhat unnerving as I began to immerse myself in Catholic practice and culture.  One of them was hearing Catholics refer to Jesus as “Our Lord”. It is perhaps a terrible … Continue reading

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Jason’s Questions: #10 Is Faith Just a Word Game?

All my life, I’ve loved words.  I love reading good writing, learning new words, and playing games like Catchphrase, Scattergories, and Bananagrams.  And, as a teacher of an adult Sunday school for several years in the Baptist church we attended, … Continue reading

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Jason’s Questions: #7 Why Are There So Many Catholics at the March for Life?

**Another personal request here:  we’re getting ready this weekend for the Mass Monday night at which we’ll be received into the Church.  Please remember us in your prayers.** This post is another tough one to write, but I can’t avoid … Continue reading

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