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The Reformation Crashed Our Party

As our daughter prepared to celebrate her First Communion, I was somewhat conflicted about how we would celebrate. What came to mind first was all the stories I heard as a grade-schooler from my Catholic friends about their big Communion … Continue reading

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…and now that you’re Catholic

Like Jason said in his last post, it’s difficult to tell who reads our blog- Cradle Catholics, resolute non-Catholics, reverts, potential Catholics, but since there have been a lot of comments from people on the verge of making the jump into Catholicism (yay!!!), … Continue reading

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Sensing the Sacred

The church I grew up in is possibly the best space ever designed for a good game of hide and seek. There are multiple levels and all kinds of secret nooks in which one could hide away undetected for a … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes (the IV)

— 1 — Even though Jason and I go to a theater to see a movie maybe once a year (not because we can’t get out but because there’s little worth dropping so many Hamiltons on), I think we might try … Continue reading

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Lord, Hear Our Prayer

The conversation in the combox in Jason’s last post about vain repeition turned to the topic of prayer, and I thought this would be a good time to add a quick follow-up, since prayer was on my short list of … Continue reading

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Why Do Catholics Do the Same Thing Over and Over?

As I was desperately trying to think of reasons not to become Catholic, I considered and researched all of the objections to Catholicism I’d heard my whole life.  On this score, I can’t count the number of times I googled … Continue reading

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My Sin is Ever Before Me

One of the things I learned in seminary is that theology is not some academic, pie in the sky endeavor. It’s not reserved for those who nerdily consume tomes by obscure figures, the way a Trekkie might become a repository for useless … Continue reading

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