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A Pilgrim Was I A Wandering

We have always made visiting churches part of our travel plans when we go to big cities. We’ve visited the iconic churches of London: Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s, right on down to St. Martin in the Fields (I-Nikki-was so excited … Continue reading

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Jason’s Questions: #8 Have I Ever Called Mary Blessed?

Having just entered the Church on the Feast of the Assumption, it seemed appropriate next to address perhaps the greatest obstacle to the Protestant considering conversion to Catholicism:  Mary.  As I drew closer to Catholicism, it was, of course, impossible … Continue reading

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Called to Love, Part 2: Hooray for Celibacy!

I had started writing this big post about priests and their role in God’s call to love when that yahoo over in Tennessee came out with his prayer about his “smokin’ hot wife” and I was really torn: Roll out … Continue reading

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We’re Home!

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Jason’s Questions: #7 Why Are There So Many Catholics at the March for Life?

**Another personal request here:  we’re getting ready this weekend for the Mass Monday night at which we’ll be received into the Church.  Please remember us in your prayers.** This post is another tough one to write, but I can’t avoid … Continue reading

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Jason’s Questions: #6 Why Don’t Accountability Groups Seem to Work?

I’m guessing any of my readers who either are, or at one time have been, evangelical Protestants can relate to the issue of “accountability.”  Personally, I’ve lost track of the number of times this question came up in the churches I’ve … Continue reading

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What About Non-Catholic Christians?

This is perhaps an issue that’s bothering some of our readers, and so, before we get back to discussing more about the reasons we have found Catholicism so compelling, I wanted to make the Church’s teaching on this very sensitive and important … Continue reading

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