Redemptive Suffering

Nikki’s posts on the Church’s theology of redemptive suffering are:



and here.

Check them out!


2 Responses to Redemptive Suffering

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  2. Bonnie says:

    Thank you It’s what sells modern Christianity that has increased suffering in that when suffering does not leave fast enough I I must be In sin or lack faith thus offending God. Having a similar quest I have often wondered how can one reform truth. There’s joy in the promises of God
    Joy is not disregarded because of suffering. God is God. His mercy is new every morning.
    I wish I could truely respond in a line by line Thank you and Amen.
    Raised Episcopal involvement with charismatic evangelical American Orthodox Baptist I now believe the bottom line is Jesus. But your opening line saying where the church’s seperations lie . How we view suffering.
    post 2 head I injuries I hope this makes sense. I wish I knew how to save this amazing struggle to make sense of right and misguided understanding s you have documented onto my phone. Pray for that I will follow God rightly. God bless you dear brother

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