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March for Life – 2014

This year, the kids and I again made our annual pilgrimage to downtown DC to participate in the March for Life, and Nikki held down the fort with the young ones who couldn’t go out in the 15 degree weather.  … Continue reading

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GYPSY Religion

A couple of months back, the article Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy got a lot of attention, as I believe it rang true for bunches of folks.  The thesis of the article is that the expectations of young adults entering … Continue reading

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But Can’t I Just Lie to the Confessor?

It may come as a surprise to cradle Catholics, but one of the Protestant objections I heard fairly often to the sacrament of Penance was, “Well, you’ve got to admit there’s no way to ensure people aren’t just going into … Continue reading

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My Sin is Ever Before Me

One of the things I learned in seminary is that theology is not some academic, pie in the sky endeavor. It’s not reserved for those who nerdily consume tomes by obscure figures, the way a Trekkie might become a repository for useless … Continue reading

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Jason’s Questions: #6 Why Don’t Accountability Groups Seem to Work?

I’m guessing any of my readers who either are, or at one time have been, evangelical Protestants can relate to the issue of “accountability.”  Personally, I’ve lost track of the number of times this question came up in the churches I’ve … Continue reading

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