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Lame Lies about Women and the Catholic Response to Said Lameness that I Find Compelling

I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I won’t: As a Protestant woman who stays home with my children, I felt thrown under the bus by the church. I came to realize that among the multiplicity of “theologies” about women, … Continue reading

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Called to Love, Part 2: Hooray for Celibacy!

I had started writing this big post about priests and their role in God’s call to love when that yahoo over in Tennessee came out with his prayer about his “smokin’ hot wife” and I was really torn: Roll out … Continue reading

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Called to Love

Long before the last nail was driven into the coffin of my Baptist identity, I had come to the conclusion that my faith tradition did not offer anything greatly significant to say regarding the realm of marriage and all the … Continue reading

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