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So You Want To Be a Catholic?

Although WordPress lets us know how many folks visit our blog each day, it doesn’t let us know anything about our readers.  As a consequence, I have no way of knowing if this post—whose aim is to help people who … Continue reading

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Heaven Here

I’ve written before about how our 12-year-old son Charles has blown me away with his intuitive grasp of some of the basic truths of Catholicism and with his natural openness to the Communion of Saints.  Today, I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Sensing the Sacred

The church I grew up in is possibly the best space ever designed for a good game of hide and seek. There are multiple levels and all kinds of secret nooks in which one could hide away undetected for a … Continue reading

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Jason’s Questions: #1 Why Do I Drag Myself Out of Bed on Sunday Mornings?

With this post, I am beginning a series of posts in which I will address questions that, in one way or another, always bugged me as a Protestant because the Protestant answers to them never satisfied me.[1]  In my experience, … Continue reading

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Jason’s Story

As a lifelong evangelical Protestant, I am right now at a place I never thought I would be – standing at the door of the Catholic Church, planning to enter with my wife and kids at the Feast of the … Continue reading

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