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Our Journey Home Appearance – February 10 on EWTN

We are excited, and honored, to be scheduled to appear on The Journey Home at 8 ET, Monday, February 10, on EWTN.  We watched A LOT of The Journey Home as we traveled our road to Rome, and it was … Continue reading

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A Good Message for Converts

Yesterday, Nikki came across this EXCELLENT discussion of the issues confronting converts to Catholicism.  It was helpful–and humbling–to read.   We highly recommend it.

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An Answer to Prayer

One of the primary struggles we had when making the decision to convert to Catholicism was how to handle it with our children–particularly our son Charlie and oldest daughter Schuyler.  When we first started talking about it with them, Charlie … Continue reading

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…and now that you’re Catholic

Like Jason said in his last post, it’s difficult to tell who reads our blog- Cradle Catholics, resolute non-Catholics, reverts, potential Catholics, but since there have been a lot of comments from people on the verge of making the jump into Catholicism (yay!!!), … Continue reading

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So You Want To Be a Catholic?

Although WordPress lets us know how many folks visit our blog each day, it doesn’t let us know anything about our readers.  As a consequence, I have no way of knowing if this post—whose aim is to help people who … Continue reading

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