7 Quick Takes (Advent has begun!)

— 1 —

It’s so exciting to start the Advent season. We’ve been lighting our wreath (almost) every night and I think we’ve finally managed to successfully convey to the kids that they are not allowed to light the candles. We tried that last year and it was *not* a good plan. Tears and peaceful Advent thoughts don’t really mix. I think we’ve also been able to keep the fighting over who gets to blow the candles out to a minimum. Who knew blowing out a candle was such a privilege?

— 2 —

So I haven’t been keeping up with blogging well lately. Life is busy. Plus, when you have this going through your head, it kind of erases any brain cells that could be put toward thinking about…well, anything.

— 3 —

The above video is the kind of thing our 2-year-old eats up. Children’s entertainment is a weird, weird world. There weren’t many options when our oldest was 2- it was either Raffi or Barney or the Wiggles. Now you have the Chipmunks (or is it the Chipmunkettes? I can’t tell because their voices are so dang high) singing Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). I’m not sure which option makes me want to run screaming more.

— 4 —

So the changes in the Mass? Everyone in our family agrees that we’re glad we’re so new to Catholicism because it’s been hard enough not slipping into the old responses and we can’t imagine having that ingrained for years and then having to adjust. I was at Mass today and the guy behind me was responding with the old liturgy very loudly and totally tripping me up. Grrrrr…. I’m not sure if he was protesting or if he genuinely didn’t know about the changes.

— 5 —

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Why? Just…why?

— 6 —

With the Advent season come all the fun events for the kids. Our girls will be singing in Lessons & Carols tonight at our parish and the kids are also gearing up for the Christmas play in a couple of weeks. Our son is pumped about his role as Gabriel.

— 7 —

Hey, if you’re into conversion stories, here’s another great one from a family who has just come into the Church. Yet another conversion that began with the issue of artificial contraception. Hmmmmm…. Incidentally, the Heldt’s daughter is having open heart surgery today so now would be a great time to pray for her!

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5 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Advent has begun!)

  1. Sue says:

    Living in Japan has it’s benefits – one of them is being able to avoid much annoying TV programming (#3 & #5 above)! Recently, I found some Little Einstein DVDs at the rental store, and my 4 year old loves them. When big, almost 14, sister complains I simply reminder her that she was enamored with Barney when she was his age (thanks to my mom sending us lots of videos when she was a tyke)! She readily admits that Barney is far worse, and we all give thanks for Little Einstein. :o)

  2. Nikki says:

    No reality TV in Japan? When can we move in?! 😉

  3. jen says:

    #5: AGREED!!!!!! So. very. fully. agreed.

  4. Nikki says:

    I wonder who will be next to hop on the reality bandwagon…

  5. Word World and Sesame Street for our daughter. She loves Word World. Such joy when an educational video can be used for a reward. 😀

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