7 Quick Takes (Christmas Edition!)

— 1 —

Advent is nearly over and it has been a wonderful time of reflection for our family. However, (there’s always a however, isn’t there?) since this was our first Catholic Advent and we were kind of low-key, there are a few things I took note of to improve upon or add to our observances for next year. The first thing would be a Jesse Tree. The artsy-ness and creativity required (because I ain’t buying no kit) intimidated me but next year, you will be conquered, Jesse Tree.

— 2 —

Next Advent I also hope to cover the Saint and Feast Days a little better since there are so many great Saints to celebrate during the season. We did have a special dinner for the Immaculate Conception, but there was a St. Nicholas Day semi-fail, in that we didn’t put candy in shoes on the Eve but rather on the night of. The kids didn’t seem to notice, though. And they were perfectly happy with the peppermint Pop-Rocks and coins we managed to come up with when we realized that Really Good Parents put stuff in their children’s shoes on St. Nicholas Day rather than just reading about him.

— 3 —

We’ll be going to the children’s Mass this year since the girls are singing with the choir. I’ve heard that it is zoo-ish, which will be perfect for the two-year-old. Maybe next year we’ll go to midnight Mass. For now, we’ll enjoy the chaos.

— 4 —

We’ve coined a new Advent term in our house: candle-bombing – the act of blowing out all the candles before the appointed candle blower/s can have a chance. Probably not a recommended practice for a birthday, though.

— 5 —

We averted a major nativity scene crisis. Two-year-old loves playing with our nativity set and loooooves carrying Baby Jesus around. Then Baby Jesus went missing. Numerous searches were fruitless. We began to question if a conspiracy was afoot. Then we found Baby Jesus way under the back corner of the Christmas tree a day later. Phew! Mystery solved. Kind of.

— 6 —

This artistic rendering of The Annunciation by our daughter is composed of the words of the Magnificat and What Child is This. I love Mary’s expression.

— 7 —

A very merry and blessed Christmas to you all!

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7 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Christmas Edition!)

  1. Carolina says:

    Merry Christmas! I’ve forgotten where I’ve placed baby Jesus from the Nativity scene many a time! It’s a mad scramble to find him before the girls wake up Christmas morning…:]

    • Nikki says:

      So funny. I was thinking of taking the holy route and saying Jesus would show up in the manger on Chrismas Day, but I decided it would be a disaster if I didn’t find him before then…

  2. That is a gorgeous drawing by your daughter!

    As for Advent failures, I didn’t even find the box with our Advent wreath until last weekend. And, I must be an awful Catholic mama for never remembering to put candy in shoes for the boys. I’m right there with you in wanting to do more next Advent, especially with all the wonderful feast days.

    • Nikki says:

      Thanks! She’s a great little artist.
      There are just TOO many feast days to be excited about. I guess it’s unrealistic to try to do them all but it sure would be fun!

  3. Ang says:

    giggles to #3 & 5

  4. Therese says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Jason and your children too Nicki.

    I love the picture of the Annunciation.

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