Catholics United Against Tyranny

Wonderful, awesome, fantastic news from the Catholic Health Association (“CHA”)!  In an about-face, the CHA on Friday announced that it does not support the Obama administration’s attempt (commonly referred to as the “HHS mandate”) to force all Catholic institutions, including hospitals and schools, to provide health insurance that covers artificial contraception, including abortifacients.  Earlier this year, in the face of the United States bishops’ unanimous opposition to mandate, the CHA had provided political cover for the administration’s plans.  Well, not anymore, as my favorite part of the CHA letter from Friday makes clear:

To make [the administration’s] distinction [between parish churches on one hand and Catholic hospitals and schools on the other] is to create a false dichotomy between the Catholic Church and the ministries through which the Church lives out the teachings of Jesus Christ. Catholic health care providers are participants in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Our mission and our ethical standards in health care are rooted in and inseparable from the Catholic Church and it’s teachings about the dignity of the human person and the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

Well said, Sister Keehan!!  And keep praying, everyone, that this mandate will end up in the dustbin of history–exactly where it belongs.

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3 Responses to Catholics United Against Tyranny

  1. Devout Roman Catholic who respects the Church's hierachy but believes the Gosepl call to reach out to the downtrodden superceded one's personal morality says:

    This makes me sad. Why not support a president and his policies that promote a more socially just world for all mankind? Those policies my not be in line with my personal morality, but they do respond to the Gospel call to reach out and serve all mankind, including the owntrodden.

    • Jason says:

      How does forcing Church institutions to provide insurance that covers artificial contraceptives, including abortifacients, “respond to the Gospel call to reach out and serve all mankind”?

    • Amanda Rimmer says:

      How would these policies serve the downtrodden? How do they honor life? How do they reflect the gospel or the teachings of Jesus Christ?

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