7 Quick Takes (the seventh)

— 1 —

Waiting for my mom of the year award to be revoked after waiting too long to buy pumpkins and now the grocery is picked clean. Hoping we find some at the garden center down the street tomorrow…IN THE SNOW!!! Those are happy exclamation points.

— 2 —

Speaking of awards, Therese at Aussie Coffee Shop passed along this cool blogger award to me. How nice was that? Therese is a Catholic mom of 8 and lives in Australia. It hasn’t stopped amazing me that we live in a time when we can connect with people on the other side of the world and it’s no biggie.

— 3 —

Jason and I saw Les Miserables this past weekend. What? Why did we wait so long? It was amazing. Totally the best thing I’ve seen on stage, and that includes Wicked by a good margin. And we had *amazing* seats. Third row, center, baby.

— 4 —

The Pill! It’s natural! It’s safe! Oh, wait a minute

— 5 —

Our pediatrician confirmed today that our littlest one has an “appreciable” peanut allergy. We will soon be armed with Epi-pens. I’m so not happy that we’re going to have to be those parents.

— 6 —

We just got back from our kids’ fall festival at their school. This is a yearly major undertaking in which the kids perform music/poetry, display art, and show off the massive projects they’ve constructed around whatever unit they’re studying. This year our daughter’s class made a big old pirate ship, dressed up like explorers, and led a tour through a pirate-y maze. Our son’s class had a lot going on- aqueducts, the Arch of Titus, a scary tour through the catacombs, and gladiator fighting in the collisseum, with a lion thrown in for good measure. Our son got a shift as the emperor and got to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the fighters. So cute. I’d post a pic but I don’t want to embarrass him.

— 7 —

Did I mention how exciting it is that it may snow before Halloween? And speaking of Halloween, have a great All Saints Day. And All Souls Day.

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4 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (the seventh)

  1. Angie says:

    Are you really expecting snow?!
    Are the kids done with soccer yet? Our last game is tomorrow.

    • Nikki says:

      Yes! Only about an inch. Up in PA they might get up to 15 inches. Our soccer isn’t done until the 12th, but games were cancelled today so I don’t know how long this is going to drag on. We’ve had so many cancelled games this season.

  2. Dude. You never saw Les Miz before now? I am so jealous you had those awesome seats, that’s my FAVORITE musical. Did they have the revolving stage? Sorry to hear about C, does this mean you need to be a peanut-free house, or just watch her? And I LOL’d at your lack of pumpkin getting. Hope you find some. 🙂 XO

    • Nikki says:

      I know! I can’t believe we’ve never seen it (and I’ve never read it, either, although I might add that to my list). They didn’t have the revolving stage, but the set was really cool and the cast was AMAZING. Every voice was incredible.
      I don’t know if we need to be peanut-free or not. I’m going to have to do some research. The dr. didn’t say anything about keeping peanuts out of the house but we’re definitely going to have to be very careful now. Poor baby.

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