7 Quick Takes (sei)

— 1 —

Soooo…the baptism of our 2 year old last week…Well, she got baptized, and the church is still standing, and it was sweet and wonderful. As Father Leo of Grace Before Meals once said, there is nothing more innocent and pure than a newly baptized baby (or something to that effect.)

— 2 —

But I will not be able to erase from my memory her yelling at our poor priest throughout the whole thing, “I Catherine!”  (She really took it to heart when he asked us what name we gave her.)

— 3 —

I will also not forget her accosting said priest after the baptism for a hug.

— 4 —

And we are sooooo thankful that we scored some very cool and nice Godparents for our little one. We were kind of sweating it because we really don’t know tons of Catholics yet. We’re getting close to exhausting our supply of sponsors.

— 5 —

This past week our 7th grader has been participating in a simulation at his school in which the students are Christians in the early Church and the teachers are Romans. It has been very intense with lots of “persecution” and the like. I think it’s so cool that his teachers have found a way to make this real for the kids and to link it to modern day persecution of Christians around the world as well.

— 6 —

Our other two muppets sang with the children’s choir in Mass last week. From what I heard in between dragging 2 year old outside and back in, it was lovely. The night before we had been at the concert of a friend and one of his numbers was “On Eagle’s Wings.” I was thrilled to hear the children sing it again on Sunday.

— 7 —

So, the world hasn’t ended today, as predicted, yet again by Droopy Dog sound-alike, Harold Camping. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed this time around. I am really sick of cleaning our house.

Happy Friday!

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