7 Quick Takes (fifthly)

— 1 —

Cuteness of the week: When our older daughter put her 2 year old sister to bed the other night and prayed with her the little one told her, “I love church.” Awwwwwwww….

— 2 —

That’s right, our big kid can tuck our little kid in. At first I felt guilty, thinking that perhaps we were shirking our parental duty but hey, if a kid asks to do something that is helpful, I’m not going to fight it. Plus, it’s sister bonding time, so…win-win.

— 3 —

Oy. A friend turned our attention to the latest hijinks of Catholics for Choice. Shouldn’t they just call themselves…Protestants?  (that joke was courtesy of Jason.)

— 4 —

Does anyone understand Google Reader? Please help this dinosaur understand. Is it beneficial for bloggers? I have a Google+ account and I don’t really get it, either. It’s like giving a computer to a goldfish.

— 5 —

Halloween costumes have been acquired (pirate girl, Alice in Wonderland, superhero, and baby Minnie Mouse). Now all I need to do is transfer the superhero logo our son designed on paper to the computer somehow and then put it on an iron-on transfer, buy a t­­­­-shirt, and iron it on. Ha ha ha. Like that’s going to happen. If it does I guess I can add “graphic designer” to my resume. And “person who uses an iron.”

— 6 —

Our baby is going to be baptized on Sunday. I know since she’s two years old she’s not really a baby but that’s what we call her because A) she’s the youngest and B) her hair situation kind of keeps her looking like a big ol’ baby. If you are a local, please feel free to attend. It’s at 1:15 at St. James in Falls Church. I am praying for the poor priest who has to baptize her.  I’m guessing it’s going to be loud. We are all excited, though.

— 7 —

We’re hoping the rain goes away and the fields dry up really fast (like, within the next 12 hours) or else our kids are going to be having make-up soccer games till Christmas.

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (fifthly)

  1. Therese says:

    Re number 4, I love google reader. I put all my favourite blogs in it so that I can keep up with most of their news.

    There have been a couple of times that I have fallen behind with reading them and had way too many to read every post but it does help me read probably around 90% of the posts. I personally find it a great way to keep up with everyone I want to.

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